About Us


The National Association of Extradition Officials is a non-profit corporation formed and operating to organize, educate, train and support extradition officials in the respective states; to exchange information; to develop effective practices, procedures and policies related to interstate and international rendition; and to enable such officials to become personally acquainted, thus promoting cooperation in securing uniformity in the adoption and interpretation of laws and procedures related to interstate and international rendition.

The voting membership of the Association consists of an extradition official from each state and territory who has been designated by the executive authority to represent the state or territory in the Association.  Nonvoting membership is extended to other officials of any state or territory engaged in extradition or detainer matters.  The Association welcomes to its annual conferences all interested guests, including correctional officials and local law enforcement and prosecutorial authorities involved in rendition matters.


The publications and articles and material contained herein or otherwise distributed at the annual conference are the exclusive property of the National Association of Extradition Officials and/or the individual authors and may not be copied, distributed, sold or otherwise used without the permission of the Association or individual author. Permission for reprinting and distribution of any material to law enforcement personnel or correctional officials may be granted upon written request to the president or to the Executive Secretary of the Association. For permission to use, contact:



Fran Lushenko
NAEO Secretary/Treasurer
State of Oregon
Telephone (503) 373-0140
E-mail: extraditionofficials@gmail.com or frances.lushenko@state.or.us