History of the Elvyn Holt Award

On May 26, 1966, John McInerny (after holding the first national conference of extradition officials in 1965 before the NAEO was officially formed), wrote to Evelle J. Younger, the Los Angeles County District Attorney and invited him to send his “extradition expert” to attend the 2nd annual conference to be held in Chicago.  The chief of the Los Angeles County trials division, J. Miller Leavy, knew exactly to whom John McInerny was extending the invitation to.  Elvyn Holt had been a member of the extradition section of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for 14 years having served as chief of the section for the last seven years.  The invitation had been extended because her section processed more extradition cases annually than perhaps any other prosecutors’ offices in the United States.  Elvyn was recognized by Mr. Leavy as being “knowledgeable on all of the problems of extradition, and in particular, the mechanics involved.”  Unfortunately, as something that happens all-too-frequently, the Chief Deputy DA to Mr. Leavy’s chagrin, designated one of his deputy district attorneys to attend.

This oversight was promptly corrected the following year.  In a letter to the second president of the NAEO, Gilbert Pena, Mr. Leavy stated that Elvyn would be attending and would “make a real contribution to the conference.”  She attended her first conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Camelot Inn in September of 1967.   (The hotel rates were $10.00!)

At the May 1968 conference, held at the Jack London Inn in Oakland, California, Elvyn was serving with Gil as a panelist on the program.  The topic of the panel was “Problem Clinic”, and Elvyn discussed current case developments, executive agreements, post rendition follow up, and interstate cooperation.  Incidentally, Governor Ronald Reagan was the guest speaker at the luncheon, and his extradition assistant, Edwin Meese, moderated one of the other panels.  The room rates for the conference had increased to a whopping $12.00!  The NAEO constitution was presented for approval at that conference.  No doubt because of her recognized expertise in the field of extraditions, Elvyn was one of only two individuals, not associated with either a governor’s or attorney general’s office, who was invited to attend as a member of the NAEO.  With her spunky spirit, Elvyn soon became a “one woman show” and singlehandedly became the stabilizing force behind the NAEO.

At the NAEO’s 26th Annual Conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida in 1990, the executive board of the NAEO adopted Resolution #40 the “Elvyn Holt Outstanding Achievement Award.”  As was proper and fitting, Elvyn was the first recipient.  Sadly in 1994 Elvyn passed away.  The NAEO remains her legacy and in her honor each year the NAEO executive board honors an individual who exhibits the same work ethics, dedication and values that Elvyn Holt brought to the NAEO.

Past Evlyn Holt Award Recipients

Past Elvyn Holt Award Recipient List


Jo Lynn Kruse, Extradition Coordinator, Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice, Utah

53rd Conference, Albuquerque, NM


Ellen Huot, Paralegal, York County District Attorney’s Office, Alfred, Maine

52nd Conference, Cincinnati, OH


Wendy Livermore, Extradition Officer, Carson City, Nevada

51st Conference, Seattle, WA


Margaret Williams, Confinement Status/Extradition Specialist,

Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

50th Conference, Tampa, FL


Susan Meier, Extradition Secretary, Division of Criminal

Justice, New Jersey

49th Conference, Annapolis, MD



Audrey Blodgett, Extradition Paralegal, Department of Justice,

Concord, New Hampshire

48th Conference, Kansas City, MO



Alix Kucker, Senior Assistant District Attorney, Queens County, New York

47th Conference, Charleston, SC



Jerrold Schrotenboer, Chief Appellate Attorney, Jackson County,


46th Conference, San Diego, CA


Martin C. “Red” Hendrickson, Sergeant, Jackson County,


45th Conference, Boston, MA


Connie Elizabeth Robinson Eason, Extradition Secretary,

North Carolina

44th Conference, Scottsdale, AZ


Judy Mancil, Detainer/Extradition/Fugitive Coordinator, Department of Criminal Justice, Texas

43rd Conference, Orlando, FL


Frances A. Lushenko, Director of Extradition Services, Oregon

42nd Conference, St. Louis, MO


Beverly J. Saucedo, Extradition Officer, Nevada

41st Conference, Portland, OR


Robert Locke, Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County, California

40th Conference, Atlantic City, NJ


Marie Antoinette Bickar, Deputy, Grays Harbor County, Washington

39th Conference, Asheville, NC


Glenn Lockwood, Captain, Martin County, Florida

38th Conference, Lake Tahoe, CA


Barbara Moore, Extradition Secretary, Los Angeles County, California

37th Conference, San Antonio, TX


S. O. “Woody” Woods, Jr., Chairman, State Classification Committee, Department of Criminal Justice, Texas

36th Conference, Williamsburg, VA


Mary Jo Grotenrath, Associate Director/Chief, Office of

International Affairs, Washington, D.C.

35th Conference, Minneapolis, MN


Susan L. Smith, Extradition Coordinator, Florida

34th Conference, New Orleans, LA


Jerry  L. Smith, Asst. Attorney General, Tennessee

33rd Conference, San Diego, CA


Earl F. Dorius, Asst. Attorney General, Utah

32nd Conference, Philadelphia, PA


Raymond E. Sankey, Supervisor, special Services Unit,

Department of Corrections, Nebraska

31st Conference, Chicago, IL


William Howland, Asst. Attorney General, Nebraska

30th Conference, Jackson Hole, WY


J. Robert Jibson, Deputy Attorney General, California

29th Conference, Nashville, TN


Clare  Welch, Extradition Officer/Interstate Agreement on

Detainers Administrator, Nevada

28th Conference, Portland, ME


Gilbert J. Pena, Extradition Counsel, Texas

27th Conference, Scottsdale, AZ


Elvyn Holt, Founder of NAEO, Los Angeles, California

26th Conference, St. Petersburg

 Beach, FL