The voting membership of the Association consists of one extradition official from each state and territory who has been designated by the executive authority of the state to represent the state or territory in the Association. Nonvoting membership is extended to other officials of any state or territory engaged in extradition or detainer matters. The Association also welcomes to its annual conferences all interested guests, including correctional officials and local law enforcement and prosecutorial authorities involved in rendition matters

NAEO Membership Benefit Statement

  • Annual Conferences.  Expert instruction on the law and procedures of interstate and international extradition and the Interstate Agreement on Detainers (IAD) at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.  The conference provides a forum for the exchange of information between attendees from local state, federal and territorial jurisdictions and continuing legal education accreditation is recognized by most jurisdictions.  Discounted conference registration is offered for member states and any of their state or local officials who register early.   The conference binder is provided to all conference attendees with their paid registration fee.  Member states are charged $150.00 for additional binders; nonmember states are charged $250.00.
  • Annual Law Report (NAEO copyrighted publication.)  The Law Report is an indexed compilation of case summaries reported during the year involving extraditions and detainer matters.  Discussion of high impact cases are addressed at the conference and the publication is included in the conference binder prepared for the attendees at the annual conferences.  In addition, other publications of import to those involved in the extradition process are provided as needed.  There is no charge to member states.  Unavailable to nonmember states.
  • Annual Directory (NAEO copyrighted publication.)   Annually the NAEO prepares a directory containing contact information of every state or territories’ extradition officials and IAD administrators.  Each state’s statutory code references to the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act (UCEA) and IAD are provided as are special document requirements (i.e. number of copies, identification information, probable cause requirements, probation/parole documents, transport requirements, etc.)  These directories are provided to the member states official state representations to facilitate communication with their counterparts in sister states.  There is no charge to member states.  Unavailable to nonmembers states.
  • Extradition and Interstate Agreement on Detainers Manual (NAEO copyrighted publication.)  Every three years the Association’s attorneys update a detailed compendium of the law and procedures relating to extradition and IAD matters with examples of standardized forms.  This manual is made available to the state level attorneys who represent the various governors in the extradition process, or the designated staff assistants for the governors who process the actual extradition paperwork as well as those attorneys overseeing or assisting the IAD administrators.  Member states are provided a free copy of the manual during the year of publication.  Nonmember states may purchase the manual for $150.00.
  • Recommended Uniform Forms (NAEO copyrighted materials.)  The Association continually reviews, comments, polls and develops standardized forms for the use in routine as well as specialized procedures involving extraditions or the IAD.  Member states receive these publications free.  The cost to nonmember states depends on the amount of legal research and time incurred by the Association attorneys.
  • Assistance at a national level on Extradition and IAD Matters.  Ongoing support from the NAEO staff attorneys is available to member states throughout the year.  The NAEO has filed Amicus Briefs on renditions matters in support of member states’ positions.
  • Use of NAEO Copyrighted Materials.  There is a formal request and approval process for use of NAEO copyrighted materials.  If member states seek to use NAEO materials for in-state training, please contact the NAEO Executive Secretary for further information and instructions on the application and authorization process.
  • Participation in the Formulation of National Policies and Resolutions Regarding Extradition and Detainer Matters (NAEO copyrighted publication.)  The Association from time to time (either at the request of member states or when there appears a need) adopts resolutions and makes recommendations to the member states in an effort to standardize and facilitate the rendition process.  In addition, the Association assists in the collection of information and research regarding similar laws adopted by the various states.
  • Organization Input to the National Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.  The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws(NCCUSL), now 117 years old, provides states with non-partisan, well-conceived and well-drafted legislation that brings clarity and stability to critical areas of the law. NCCUSL’s work supports the federal system and facilitates the movement of individuals and the business of organizations with rules that are consistent from state to state.  This organization’s purpose is to research, draft and promote enactment of uniform state laws in areas where uniformity is desirable and practical.
  • A Cooperating Organization of the Council of State Governments.  The County of State Governments is the premier multibranch organization forecasting policy trends for the community of states, commonwealths and territories on a national and regional basis.  It alerts state elected and appointed officials to emerging social, economic and political trends, offers innovative state policy responses to rapidly changing conditions; and advocates multistate problem-solving to maximum resources and competitiveness