Open Letter to Honorary Members of the National Association of Extradition Officials

Dear Honorary Members,

Pursuant to Article II, section 8(c) of the By-Laws of the National Association of Extradition Officials (NAEO), you have been selected as an Honorary Member by the association’s members. This distinction is a recognition of your outstanding work in the field of interstate extradition and meaningful contributions to the NAEO.

The NAEO is proud of your selection as an Honorary Member and encourages you to attend the annual training conferences and association events to share your experience and knowledge in extradition with others in the field. In fact, as an NAEO Honorary Member, you may attend training meetings and association events without payment of registration fees.

The NAEO values you and your status as an Honorary Member of the association. We want to continue the NAEO’s leading role in the field of extradition you worked so hard to help build by including you in future events. Thus, The NAEO embraces your participation in our events and hope you continue to be a part of the association as an Honorary Member.


Peter H. Smith
NAEO President, 2014